Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Late yesterday morning, my husband called me to let me know that the owners of the house we're interested in had responded to our offer with a counter-offer. I wasn't surprised since we were offering $10,000 under the already-reduced asking price. We debated for a while since the counter-offer was nearly out of our comfort zone. This really is our dream home, though, and after doing a little searching (and praying!) we realized that in even a slightly lower price range there is nothing available other than complete fixer-uppers or tiny houses with no land. (As you know my husband is a former electrician and very handy, but neither of us are thrilled with the prospect of gutting a place and starting over! Well, he wouldn't mind too much, but not with a baby!) Anyway, we agreed to their counter-offer and re-signed the paperwork! We haven't heard much today, but our realtor thinks that's a good thing. The other family needs to sign the revised contract as well and send it back. Our closing date is to-be-determined since our house now needs to sell. We're hopeful it will go quickly and two families have viewed it already.

I'm pretty excited and just praying, praying that our house sells and all this works out. More importantly, though, that God's will be done! If it doesn't happen then we are confident that the Lord has something different but just as good for us in mind. (I don't always feel 100% confident in that since we love this house, but I really do know it to be true.)

The house is about 2.5 times the size of this one and even older: built in 1850! Four bedrooms, 2 baths on five acres with a garage! (This is a big deal in Central New York. These past two winters have been miserable having to park outside!) Room for a library/schoolroom and for DH to have an inside and outside workshop. About half the distance from work that our current home is (though it is an hour away from our families). What a blessing to find it!

Fun fact: we're going to live in a town that shares its name with another country. Think you can guess?


  1. It sounds incredible! I'll be praying for you!

  2. Exciting! Looking at a map... Greece? Cuba? Mexico? Boy, NY has weird town names...

  3. I have no idea on what the name of the town could be, but I sure would love to see photos of your new house! I dont live in America but am absolutely in love with american house, partic the older ones! can you describe the new house a bit more?