Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ergo Baby Carrier

A week or two ago, I posted pictures of the baby carriers we own(ed). Since then we have returned the Eddie Bauer front carrier and purchased an Ergo. I learned that having babies hanging in the traditional front carrier can be injurious to their spines and hips. In that style carrier, all their weight is hanging from the crotch and can cause compression of the spine and hip dysplasia. The Ergo is also gentler on the parent as it balances the weight of the baby across his hips and shoulders. It's like a cross between a sling and a front carrier, and the baby can be worn several ways. I love it! Right now I carry the baby in the front with an insert and he sits in it almost like he would in the sling, but my hands can be free. There are several other front holds, and the baby/toddler can also be worn on the hip or back. Babywearing is essential to attachment parenting, and completely necessary for life with my little guy! Though it's a little pricier than some carriers/slings, I would recommend it to any parent.

Commercial over.

Trying to Catch Up

I have a list of five posts to write very soon, and I will! This week has been very distrupted, and I'm fairly behind on my house chores. I promise to write them by or over the weekend!

In the meantime, I wanted to share this video with you. Amelia linked to it on her blog, and I just had to post it too!

Thanks again, Amelia!

Works for Me Wednesday

Some blogs I read have a feature called "Works for Me Wednesday." A neat idea, and I thought I'd share on my new-found kitchen shortcuts: frozen bags of pre-chopped peppers and onions. Lifesavers! I like fresh first, but frankly this saves so much time (and money)! I couldn't find them for the longest time, but now our grocery has them in stock all the time.

I'm perhaps too excited about this, but really it's so nice to always have pepper and onion of hand for impromptu omelets, and I don't have to worry about fresh ones not getting used in time (which occasionally happens).

What works for you?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Instead of a Real Post

You Are Scooter

Brainy and knowledgable, you are the perfect sidekick.
You're always willing to lend a helping hand.
In any big event or party, you're the one who keeps things going.
"15 seconds to showtime!"

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Finally, something that makes sense!

You scored as Dance. You should be a Dance major! Like a lithe ballerina, you dance because you believe there is beauty in expressing the physical form.





























What is your Perfect Major? (PLEASE RATE ME!!<3)
created with

My major in college? You guessed it-- DANCE!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I haven't posted too many pictures, so I thought I would give it a shot. Here is a one of my unbelievable rich and creamy ice cream birthday cake!

And of course, who could forget Nunzio?

Managing the House

I haven't had time to write a real post in a few days, but this morning I'm going to try! I have a few posts rolling around in my head, but at the moment, the only one I can remember is this!

I read a lot of blogs devoted to homemaking (including the one that riled me with its Anti-Catholicism). Most of the writers are Christian women who firmly believe they are called to be "keepers at home." As such, they have many good ideas for running the house and making it a home. Unlike many of those ladies, I don't want to create a by the hour/half-hour/quarter-hour household schedule. I really can't anyway with my ecologically breastfed baby (more about that soon), but I did want to establish a routine for keeping the house in order and the refrigerator stocked. DH thinks I'm an excellent cook, and while I can't quite agree, I do enjoy it. Anyway, I'm posting this to help keep myself accountable:

All vacuuming
Liiving room/dining room
Laundry: linens

Scrub bathroom
Laundry: baby

Scrub kitchen


Laundry: DH & I

Laundry: DH work clothes

Sunday: REST!

Of course, I also launder the diapers on an as-needed basis, usually every 2-3 days. Sometimes out of necessity, that means Sunday, but we try to avoid that.

My daily routine includes general pick-up, bathroom and kitchen wipedowns, dishes, etc.

This doesn't include daily meal prep/cleanup. I try to make dinner five nights a week. Thursday is leftovers and Friday DH likes to get takeout, if the budget allows.

My goal is to get everything done in the morning, since that it when the baby is in the best mood, and will let me leave him to play in his crib/co-sleeper/pack-n-play. In the afternoons, forget it! I also walk with the baby or go to the gym every morning but Sunday.

When I was working, I struggled to get everything done on the weekends, and it made for a very miserable Saturday-Sunday. Sunday was laundry day. After church, all morning long, up and down the basement steps. Ugh. This will be much better and still leave me plenty of time to devote to the baby (who does not nap at all!).

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


You Are an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

On the surface, you're a little plain - but you have many subtle dimensions to your personality.
Sometimes you're down to earth and crunchy. Other times, you're sweet and a little gooey.
Am I plain on the surface? How depressing.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Update

Well, I thought I was going to get a chance to update as the baby was napping very peacefully, but I thought wrong! He's awake, so this will have to wait!

Have a Blessed Sunday!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quick Flooring Update

Just a quick note to say that DH is stopping to pick up flooring samples on his way home from work. My new goal is finished floor by Labor Day. Whoo hoo!

Now back to regularly scheduled posting. :-)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Almost the Weekend Update

Some randomness...

1. Baby was baptized this past weekend. All went beautifully and family party afterwards went surprisingly well.

2. Had my 6-week follow-up appointment yesterday. Am 3 lbs. away from weight when I first discovered I was expecting, and 7 more away from weight at time of wedding. Hooray for breastfeeding!

3. Had a postcard from my favorite SRC professor and friend who has published a book. Postcard arrived very day I was wondering how I was going to get back in touch since she is not the most reliable emailer and I don't have her current home address. God moves!

4. First day back at the gym and leaving baby for more than a few minutes. Problem: said baby is sleeping through when I wanted to feed him in preparation for hour-long absence. We plan; God laughs? Yup.

5. I have half of baby's Christmas shopping done. His Godmother also gave us a basket of 6-9 mo. hand-me-downs from her son, thereby eliminating clothes shopping for a while! Two thumbs up!

6. My birthday is 12 days away. Who thinks the kitchen floor will be replaced by then? Hmm....

Friday, August 4, 2006

Baby Carriers

Kat with a K asked what kind of baby carrier I'm using. We have an Eddie Bauer front carrier we bought from Babies R Us last week. Here it is:
The baby can sit facing Mom/Dad while very young then be turned to face out once he/she develops good head control. We also have this sling by Dr. Sears:

Ours is an "up" baby, though, and he doesn't like reclining (unless it's in Mom's arms after nursing). He likes to be able to see all around. (This same principle makes it nearly impossible for him to sleep in his co-sleeper.) Thus, the cradle hold in the sling is not to his liking. When he's older we can use the other positions, so I hope he'll like it better. He loves the front carrier; he can see what I'm doing or sleep against my chest, which is his favorite way to sleep. So you can see why him sleeping on a blanket on the bed was a huge accomplishment. I also should mention he contentedly spent 30 minutes in his swing today while I had lunch. Whoo hoo!

Catching Up Again

I've vowed to update this blog more frequently (I know...I've said that before), but this time I'm determined. Strange since I find myself with even less time for writing than before, but I'm going to give it a shot.

The past week I've been getting back into my household routines. The baby is learning to sit on his own a little more which allows me to get things done. As I'm writing this, he's "airing out" on a blanket next to me on the bed clad only in a yellow FuzziBunz, socks, and mitties since he has rediscovered scratching his face. Not only is he not fussing (a huge accomplishment in itself), but he put himself to sleep. Usually I have to nurse and hold him for that to happen, and he never takes a morning nap! It's typically noon or well after before he thinks about drifting off. I should be scrubbing the shower, vacuuming, or taking a shower, but I don't want to move him!

Yesterday I deep cleaned the bathroom (except the shower-- today's task, I hope along with scrubbing out trashcans), made dinner (with baby in his carrier), and gave some thought to purchasing some houseplants and decorating the blank wall in the living room. In regard to the plants, I had some ideas, but it turns out most are poisonous to cats! I'm having to do some research/rethinking about what I want to add and where so it's out of easy-chewing reach. The wall is much easier. I've decided to do a family picture wall with WallWords in the middle. The fun part is deciding which family/home quote I want, and which pictures to add. Wal-Mart Photo Center is going to get quite the order from me! I also need to print pictures to send to my grandma, gifts for Godparents, and for my albums! I'm so excited that (in theory) I have the time to spend making our home that much more welcoming, not only for guests but for us!

The only obstacle to all this is, of course, Baby (welcome obstacle!) who generally needs to be held constantly, often pinning me in place. Up until this very moment (and this bliss may end any second!), I think I've had to hold him 22.5 hours a day and he's almost a constant nurser some days. I don't mind at all, this time will pass so quickly, but it does make me feel useless as far as running the house sometimes!

Much more to say, but for now I think I'll take this opportunity to read some Jane Eyre for the Eyre-Along! Housework will have to wait for a bit!