Thursday, August 10, 2006

Almost the Weekend Update

Some randomness...

1. Baby was baptized this past weekend. All went beautifully and family party afterwards went surprisingly well.

2. Had my 6-week follow-up appointment yesterday. Am 3 lbs. away from weight when I first discovered I was expecting, and 7 more away from weight at time of wedding. Hooray for breastfeeding!

3. Had a postcard from my favorite SRC professor and friend who has published a book. Postcard arrived very day I was wondering how I was going to get back in touch since she is not the most reliable emailer and I don't have her current home address. God moves!

4. First day back at the gym and leaving baby for more than a few minutes. Problem: said baby is sleeping through when I wanted to feed him in preparation for hour-long absence. We plan; God laughs? Yup.

5. I have half of baby's Christmas shopping done. His Godmother also gave us a basket of 6-9 mo. hand-me-downs from her son, thereby eliminating clothes shopping for a while! Two thumbs up!

6. My birthday is 12 days away. Who thinks the kitchen floor will be replaced by then? Hmm....


  1. Ooh, may I ask which professor? A book! Exciting!

  2. What a cute blog! Cats, babies, and Catholicism...a few of my favorite things. Congratulations on your new baby.

    O.T...As a blogless Catholic, I thank you for speaking the truth about Catholics when we are denigrated and discriminated against on other blogs.

  3. Hi! I'm thrilled to have found a Catholic Blog...I'm sure they're out there, but...

    There are lots of blogs by Christian mommies, but they tend to be VERY anti-Catholic.

    I'll stop in again to see if you're posting. I know with a little one it can be hard...