Friday, August 4, 2006

Baby Carriers

Kat with a K asked what kind of baby carrier I'm using. We have an Eddie Bauer front carrier we bought from Babies R Us last week. Here it is:
The baby can sit facing Mom/Dad while very young then be turned to face out once he/she develops good head control. We also have this sling by Dr. Sears:

Ours is an "up" baby, though, and he doesn't like reclining (unless it's in Mom's arms after nursing). He likes to be able to see all around. (This same principle makes it nearly impossible for him to sleep in his co-sleeper.) Thus, the cradle hold in the sling is not to his liking. When he's older we can use the other positions, so I hope he'll like it better. He loves the front carrier; he can see what I'm doing or sleep against my chest, which is his favorite way to sleep. So you can see why him sleeping on a blanket on the bed was a huge accomplishment. I also should mention he contentedly spent 30 minutes in his swing today while I had lunch. Whoo hoo!

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  1. Yay for sleep! I know friends of mine have had great success with the Maya Wrap, which can also be used in a whole bunch of different positions.