Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ergo Baby Carrier

A week or two ago, I posted pictures of the baby carriers we own(ed). Since then we have returned the Eddie Bauer front carrier and purchased an Ergo. I learned that having babies hanging in the traditional front carrier can be injurious to their spines and hips. In that style carrier, all their weight is hanging from the crotch and can cause compression of the spine and hip dysplasia. The Ergo is also gentler on the parent as it balances the weight of the baby across his hips and shoulders. It's like a cross between a sling and a front carrier, and the baby can be worn several ways. I love it! Right now I carry the baby in the front with an insert and he sits in it almost like he would in the sling, but my hands can be free. There are several other front holds, and the baby/toddler can also be worn on the hip or back. Babywearing is essential to attachment parenting, and completely necessary for life with my little guy! Though it's a little pricier than some carriers/slings, I would recommend it to any parent.

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  1. I had one of these too, but perhaps an older model. My oldest child had real issues with reflux and was very difficult to soothe. My sling was a lifesaver in the early months!

    There is a good book on attachment parenting by Dr. William Sears called The Baby Book. I used it so much it is falling apart...I usually give it as a shower gift to my expecting friends.