Monday, October 30, 2006


The doctor wore Baby out, so I thought I'd add one more note.

DH left this morning at 4:30 for a work trip to Georgia and won't be back until Friday night. Very sad. It's going to be one looooooooooong week. I'm nervous about being along overnight with the baby. He makes me feel very secure.

At least Nunzio and Zuzu are here to protect me. Don't they look like they could do the job?

Four Months

Baby turned four months old yesterday and today we had his 4 mo. doctor's appointment.

He had 5 vaccines, including 4 shots, but he did so well! Even better than two months. He barely cried at all. I'm hoping his reaction (if any) will be as minimal as it was last time. All he had was a low-grade fever for about 36 hours. Long term? Most of me doesn't believe the stores I hear, but there's always a little voice that says, "It's possible." Autism, allergies, asthma...worse. We've gone round and round on the vaccinations, so I'm holding my breath. Who ever knows if it's the right decision. Parenting is not for the weak-hearted!

On to the more fun things though!

Vital stats:

19 lbs., 15 oz. (My guess was 20!)
27 1/2 in. (I had measured and had 28; I don't think she managed to get him to straighten his legs all the way!)
Head circumference is 17 1/8 in.

This puts him above the charts for height and weight and 75th or so percentile for his head. I don't put much stock by these percentages; he's growing par for the course for our family's history and his weight and height are proportional so he's not "overweight." (As if a 4 month old could be overweight!)

She told me I could start introducing solids, but I want to wait until 6-7 months minimum. A year would be better, unless he's really, really, REALLY interested. I told my mom she would say I could start cereal, but she didn't believe me. Honestly. At least they didn't say he didn't Vitamin D supplements like some peds say BF babies do.

He talks up a storm (but rarely cries) and figures out a new sound to make nearly every day, sleeps pretty well most nights, plays with everything and puts whatever he can in his mouth, drools non-stop, and is this close to rolling over and sitting up unassisted. I cannot complain one bit. He is so much fun! And so darn cute.

God is GREAT!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well...I have a cold from a chilly walk at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer on Sunday! I was so concerned about bundling up the baby, I guess I forgot about myself! He's fine of course; barely came about from the whole experience with cold cheeks. He would NOT keep on his mittens (wanted to hold on to things), though, and he wasn't wearing a snowsuit/heavy coat (on order).

Not sure if this is:

a) Divine Providence,
b) My "magic milk" as my mother calls it, or
c) All of the above.

At any rate, the walk was fun. I got good workout pushing the stroller up the hill, we got out of the house to enjoy the blustery fall day, and some school people who were there got to ooh and ahh over the baby, and he smiled at them!

And he didn't fuss once.

Of course, I'm still sick. :-p

Wait until you hear what we did today!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Not a real post

I didn't realize how long it's been since I've posted.

I've been feeling kind of blah lately without much motivation. My routines have held up more or less. Well, I haven't been doing everything on the "correct" day, but they're getting done. More or less. Some days less. A lot less. Like today. A very rainy, chilly fall day. Fragments fun. ;-)

Anyway, the baby is making lots of good progress. I guess I'm starting to feel a little trapped in the house. I do NOT want to go back to work really, but I keep thinking it might be a nice change. At least I could guarantee to be showered and dressed at a reasonable hour and out of the house. Sigh.

Any suggestions for the little baby (slightly bored) blues?

I don't find the baby boring (he's great!), I just find my routine trying these days and the cabin fever kicking in. The weather is just going to get colder and wetter. What to do?