Monday, October 30, 2006


The doctor wore Baby out, so I thought I'd add one more note.

DH left this morning at 4:30 for a work trip to Georgia and won't be back until Friday night. Very sad. It's going to be one looooooooooong week. I'm nervous about being along overnight with the baby. He makes me feel very secure.

At least Nunzio and Zuzu are here to protect me. Don't they look like they could do the job?


  1. I hate it when hubby travels. Fortunately it doesn't happen often.

    I stay up too late and eat things I shouldn't. The upside is that I have a TON of nervous energy so my house stays very clean and my laundry very caught up. When he comes home, I usually crash.

  2. So Corurtney, how are you hangin' in there? You're halfway through the week! Yeah!

    Just wanted to check on you...