Wednesday, November 1, 2006

2.5 More Days!

Thanks for dropping in to check on me, Chrissy! We are doing better today, but this has been a long week.

After I posted on Monday, the vaccinations (4 injections, 1 oral) caught up with the baby. He had a bad evening and night and a bad day yesterday too. The fever wasn't too bad (never went above 99.5), but he seemed to be in a fair amount of pain. Oh, the crying! He NEVER cries unless he's very overtired (and then only for a minute or two) so this has been a stressful few days. Last night from 7-9 PM was the worst. My nerves were shredded. I can't imagine life if he was like this all the time.

Woke up early and after a nap (at 7:30 AM!) all was right with the world again. He slept again late morning so I think the worst is behind us. Nary a whimper today; we'll see how bedtime goes.

This would have all taken place whether DH was here or not, so maybe he's lucky to have missed all of this! He would have been at work during the day anyway. I'm blessed, though, to my parents close by and my mom gave me some help. My dad spent a few hours with us last evening with the steady stream of trick-or-treaters. (I had been home alone, I wouldn't have felt comfortable answering the door.) They are coming over for dinner tonight too.

The house is NOT clean and my routines have gone completely out the window. First because of the ordeal with the baby and second because I'm enjoying a break. I AM washing the baby's clothes so he won't have to go naked. :-) I'll flurry around here Friday getting caught up. Things aren't that bad- I'm not a slob- but the house could do with a little straightening and freshening.

Monday night the cats were acting so odd I had to check the basement for an intruder. Otherwise I would have never slept a wink (hardly did anyway, as it turned out). Last night it sounded like there was SOMETHING in the attic and Zuzu kept staring at a corner of the ceiling where the noise was. Nothing appeared, though, so I'm sure just a mouse or squirrel found its way in. These noises are never there when DH is here, of course!

I think we'll make it.

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