Thursday, November 30, 2006

Excuse me while I boast...

I've been neglecting this little blog again. Things have been hopping (literally) over here!

We bought the baby a "Johnny Jump Up" or Jumpster as ours is called. Generally, I'm against these sorts of devices for babies, but he loves to stand and bounce so much I just HAD to get one for him. HE LOVES IT!! He's bouncing right now, as I'm typing. I limit the amount of time, of course, but he enjoys it so that I'm always tempted to say, "Okay, one more minute!" The first time he went in it, the smile was from here to Nebraska! If I wasn't so paranoid, I would post a picture.

In related news, he turned five months yesterday and is truly the most beautiful baby people have seen for a long time! :-D (No, I'm not proud at all....) He has two teeth poking through and has mastered rolling. He can sit independently for short periods, but will still topple occasionally. Doesn't seem to faze him, though, he just rolls over and works on crawling!

You can see why I've been away...

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  1. Good for him! All three of my kidlets used to roll all over the house. They'd roll for a while, pop their heads up and get their bearings, make the appropriate adjustments on their heading, and take off again.

    As to the Johnny Jumper, I loved mine. My kitchen tended to be my headquarters, and the babies were always happy perched in the doorway while I did dinner prep or whatever required both my hands. Plus, I think they slept better at night from the physical exertion.