Thursday, November 30, 2006

What I've been "up to"

Getting ready for Advent and the Christmas season!

I've been working really hard the past few weeks at getting the house in better order, not only for the holidays but for keeps! The challenge we have is that space is at a premium and there isn't a lot of room for extra "stuff." You know what I mean, the stuff that accumulates during day-to-day life: mail, newspapers...for us, it's mostly mail and little odds 'n' ends like that. Plus, DH doesn't have any space that's his for tools and what not. He stores in the basement, but the ceiling is too low for that to be working space for him (he's 6'4"). As a result, I regularly find a toolbox in the dining room or this week, it's a can of primer, shower rods, and a medicine cabinet since we're renovating the bathroom. So, it's a challenge for me, but I try to be patient and bite my tongue and appreciate all that he does for the baby and I, and not focus on my having a spotless or wonderfully decorated living space. We do a lot of living in this house, that's for sure!

I have instituted a NO PILES rule, and he (and I) are doing better at keeping the counter/breakfast nook clear as well as the dining room table so we can actually eat there! It's a work-in-progress because I'm trying to get my kitchen binder (meal plan rotation, master shopping list, and recipes) organized so those piles are still around. I also have some Christmas presents (pictures for the families) around, but at least the junk mail and week-old papers have disappeared!

Thanks to a recommendation from Mrs. Wilt at The Sparrow's Nest, I ordered some cleaning products from Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. I'm always after ideas that will make maintaining the house easier, more fun and more feminine, and this also seemed like an opportunity to participate in Emma's Femininity Challenge from a few weeks ago. I ordered Lemon Verbena and I love everything! I haven't had too much of a chance to use them, though, since I'm waiting for the bathroom project to be over. Trying to maintain a perfect environment in there is hopeless right now, and I need to use up my old stuff first anyway. A lady doesn't waste!

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