Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Tree

I never got around to posting our pictures of our tree before Christmas, so here they are now! They are all the more meaningful once you hear the story of what happened a few days after the holiday...

Nunzio knocked over the tree on Friday night bringing our Christmas to a crashing halt, you might say. Naughty cat.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas is Coming!

My to-do list has shrunk considerably. I have one present left to wrap and a cake to make for Christmas at my parents' tomorrow. THAT IS IT! Christmas dinner is 1/4 done (turkey roasted), and there's nothing else that can be done ahead of time. If by some miracle I have a little time, I might make one more batch of cookies since I gave most as gifts, but that's not a necessity. More like taking pity on my poor DH who loves goodies!

We're celebrating the holiday with my parents and sister tomorrow, and then it's a whirlwind of activity until Tuesday, so I probably won't be blogging until then.

Everyone have a most Blessed Christmas!

Edited Saturday 6 PM: Everything is done and we had a wonderful day with my parents and sister!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm slowly checking things off my Christmas readiness to-do list, which is why I haven't been around much lately! The list is about as long as my arm, but slow and steady wins the race, I guess. Actually, I think I'm in denial about how close Christmas actually is. I've felt like that all season long. Not sure why.

Progress report:

  • The tree is thankfully done! I have pictures, just no time to upload and post yet.
  • The housework is pretty well in hand; let's just hope we can keep things clean and neat until Monday. HAH!
  • Most of my Christmas cards are mailed. I have I think two or three left to write and about 1/2 dozen to mail. They will go out tomorrow. The packages are long gone, though.
  • Three batches of cookies down, one mixed, and one still a dream. This needs to be done by Thursday so I can take a few plates into school on Thursday. Guess I should get busy!
  • I think I'm supposed to make eggnog bread for Christmas at my parents' on Saturday. Not sure. It's either that or triple chocolate bread. Must check on that.
  • Wrapping for DH and Baby. Again, HAH!
  • Cooking. My goal is to have 95% of Christmas dinner made ahead of time. I should start that on Thursday. We decided on a fish soup for Christmas Eve in keeping with Italian tradition, and a melting pot of food for the Twenty-Fifth. Some American (roast turkey), some Czech (potato dumplings and maybe Vanocka), some Italian (Antipasto), and something Scottish TBD.
  • That might be it. Don't have the list in front of me, but sounds about right.

I'm taking the baby to the Christmas story hour at the library tomorrow night. Santa is rumored to be making an appearance. Joy.

I'm tired and getting very cranky. Can you tell?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Instead of Working on Christmas Dinner...

...I took a quiz.

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

"You are just a sweet person. When a friend needs a shoulder to cry on, you are happy to offer yours with a box of tissues as well. Once in awhile, you wish you could be a little more dramatic but then sensibility sets back in and you know that you are perfect the way you are."


I still have not decided what we're having for Christmas dinner!

Christmas Eve I'll probably do a crock-pot soup of some kind since we'll be bouncing between two churches and three different services, but Christmas Day? NO IDEA! I wanted to do a Czech or Scottish theme (my heritage) since we always do Italian (DH), but I've gotten caught up in so many other things. My mom picked up a turkey for me that is hibernating in her freezer, so I could start from there, but I really wanted to do some different. Not sure what, but different.

Better start thinking fast!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bathroom Before and After 2

Much, much better! Feels much brighter and cleaner!

What we did:
  • Paint
  • Replace border
  • Replace mirror/medicine cabinet
  • Replace cupboard over toilet
  • Replace shower curtain rods
  • Replace lighting
  • New handles on cupboard under the sink & toilet paper roll

Bathroom Before and After

We finished work on the bathroom last week and here are the before pictures:

Awful, no?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Decorating Challenges

I have just discovered one thing it is definitely difficult to do in a skirt...put the lights on the Christmas tree! I've been scooting all over the floor making sure I don't miss any branches, and my skirt keeps getting all tangled up underneath me! The lights look pretty, though...

Monday, December 11, 2006

Weekend Recap

Supper is done and the laundry is folded, so I feel okay about blogging for a few moments while Baby bounces!

We had a very nice weekend. "Nice" sounds so uninteresting, but really we had a busy and fulfilling, yet relaxing weekend. I left Baby and Dad to bond on Saturday morning while my mom and I ran to JoAnn's. I wasn't intending to buy anything (isn't that always the way?); I just went to accompany her. I ended up finding some very nice brown paper gift bags, though, and a package of kitchen dish towels with a Christmas theme. I love 50% off sales! Nothing to craft or sew, though. No time at the present! The bags are red and green gingham and one says, "Believe." I'm not sure if that's "Believe" as in Santa (and a Polar Express tie-in) , but in our house that means Christ. Oh, and I found one that was a clear plastic with the outline of evergreens on it! It will look striking when packaged with white tissue paper!

Saturday evening DH acted as DJ for a Knights of Columbus Christmas party so my parents came over to have dinner and spend the evening with me. Other than myself, my dad is the first person to really get the baby worked up giggling. It is so cute!

Sunday was Mass, of course, then DH bought our Christmas tree. In the past two years, we've only ever found one local farm that sells TALL trees. Our ceilings are about ten fee high, plus DH is over six feet so a short tree is just not acceptable. I said last year that if it was shorter than him, it wasn't the tree for us! He found a great one, though, and it's been settling out today. We're going to start decorating tonight! The baby loved, loved touching and seeing the tree as it came through the door was set up in the corner. I can't wait to see his expression when it has lights on it!

It seems like I had other things to blog about, but I guess I'm too tired to remember.

Oh, I did get my cookies made this weekend. I did Whole Wheat Oatmeal Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Whew! That's a mouthful (haha). I found the recipe on Crystal's site, Biblical Womanhood (8/18/06 post).

Friday, December 8, 2006

We Like to Bounce!

I've been trying to get a good picture for a few weeks of the baby bouncing in his Jumpster. He really gets going and jumps so high! Finally got one today, but I cut off his head; he jumped right out of the frame! Hard to gauge in a still, but he's about six inches off the ground-- at least!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Forgot to add...

...that we're all okay. The trip to the ER was just a precaution. Praise the Lord!

Monday, December 4, 2006

One comment

I think the skirt I wore to Mass yesterday makes me looka little taller than I am. I'm only 5'3"! Do not be deceived... :-)

Sunday, December 3, 2006


I just tried to recreate my links list and "Places to Perch." I don't think I've forgotten anything, but I'll keep wracking my brain!

We're going to a chorale concert this afternoon. What a wonderful way to start Advent!

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Look what I did!!

I was playing around with my template this morning, and inadvertently erased my sidebars. I'll reconstruct them as soon as I can (I hope later today). Sorry about that? Does anyone remember all the links I had? I know there weren't too many!

In the meantime, we're heading out for our walk. Baby has decided he doesn't want to take his long nap today!

New Stroller

My mom and dad have bought us this stroller for Christmas:

We have a Graco travel system, but now that the baby has outgrown the infant car seat (AKA baby bucket), I'm not comfortable using it. I don't like him facing away from me and into traffic. This stroller is rear-facing! I wish I'd known this was an option when we were getting ready for the baby. I wish I'd known how fast he would grow and how quickly he'd be in the "regular" part of the stroller. I wish I'd known how much use we were going to get out of it and had considered a more practical stroller. Starting at about one week, my mom and I have been taking him for long walks everyday (weather permitting).

Live and learn!

It came yesterday and we put it together last night. By "we" I mean DH, of course! It was a little tricky to learn to fold and unfold it at first, but otherweise it's great! The Graco is completely one-step, one-handed. Mom, Baby, and I are taking it for its first spin this afternoon!

What a week!

It was long, it was windy, it was draining, but it's done!!

Christmas shopping is FINITO! Well, I still have one or two things to pick up for DH and stocking stuffers for him and the baby and a stocking for Baby, but the family gifts are done! Now comes the putting of packages together and mailing everything. Not as much fun, but just as satisfying when finished!

To be honest, it wasn't that big of a strain since everyone is getting pictures. (We had family portraits done last month.) The real challenge was finding decent frames in all the right sizes. I spent almost ten hours shopping this week, but I found frames for all, including the pictures we're hanging ourselves. 10x13 is NOT a common size! All 50% off or more too!

Today I'm catching up on the housework/laundry/baking I didn't get done during the week. DH is helping out a friend with some wiring at his house, so I probably won't see him until late tonight.

It's a blustery and cold day, perfect for settling in with some hot chocolate and a good book or movie later while Baby naps.