Saturday, December 2, 2006

New Stroller

My mom and dad have bought us this stroller for Christmas:

We have a Graco travel system, but now that the baby has outgrown the infant car seat (AKA baby bucket), I'm not comfortable using it. I don't like him facing away from me and into traffic. This stroller is rear-facing! I wish I'd known this was an option when we were getting ready for the baby. I wish I'd known how fast he would grow and how quickly he'd be in the "regular" part of the stroller. I wish I'd known how much use we were going to get out of it and had considered a more practical stroller. Starting at about one week, my mom and I have been taking him for long walks everyday (weather permitting).

Live and learn!

It came yesterday and we put it together last night. By "we" I mean DH, of course! It was a little tricky to learn to fold and unfold it at first, but otherweise it's great! The Graco is completely one-step, one-handed. Mom, Baby, and I are taking it for its first spin this afternoon!

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