Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well...I have a cold from a chilly walk at Making Strides Against Breast Cancer on Sunday! I was so concerned about bundling up the baby, I guess I forgot about myself! He's fine of course; barely came about from the whole experience with cold cheeks. He would NOT keep on his mittens (wanted to hold on to things), though, and he wasn't wearing a snowsuit/heavy coat (on order).

Not sure if this is:

a) Divine Providence,
b) My "magic milk" as my mother calls it, or
c) All of the above.

At any rate, the walk was fun. I got good workout pushing the stroller up the hill, we got out of the house to enjoy the blustery fall day, and some school people who were there got to ooh and ahh over the baby, and he smiled at them!

And he didn't fuss once.

Of course, I'm still sick. :-p

Wait until you hear what we did today!

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  1. You are so lucky that you baby says in the stroller, Courney! Ella *hates* it!! She gets so mad when I put her in! :) I hope that she outgrows it!