Thursday, January 4, 2007


During December I reread the Annes and the Emilys. Oh, how I love those books! By the time I'm finished with them, I always want to back my bags and move to Prince Edward Island. Or at the least, a seaside farm! Or failing that, at least back to the country in an old house. I grew up amongst farmland, but in a 1970s raised ranch! Very nice with wood siding, but still. New houses lack character and history.

DH gave me a new set of Anne books for Christmas as my old ones are literally falling apart at the seams. The cheap paperbacks are crumbling from so much use, especially Anne of the Island and Anne's House of Dreams. I wish, wish I could find all eight books in hardcover!

My italics seem to be getting out of control! Must be all that Emily Climbs. I wonder if Emily would have ever written a blog. She did intend her diary to be read after her death. How would she have felt about one being read live, moments after she wrote an entry? Or for that matter, her creator, Lucy Maud Montgomery?

Goodness it feels wonderful to be reading again! I barely had a chance during the baby's first few months! Well, I read plenty of Goodnight Moon and assorted board books, but this is much more refreshing!

On a related reading topic, one of my goals for the new year is to read the entire Bible. I have a daily Bible to make it very easy on me. Also, a few months ago, I wrote about taking a course through the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. I never had a chance to get started, so I'm hoping to now!

I think I'll get started on Pat now.


  1. I love those books too! I am reading the Anne books to Katherine. We're about to start Anne of Windy Poplars (I got sidetracked on Chronicles of Avonlea and a few other assorted LMM books).

    I am sure that Emily would have been an avid blogger.

  2. Let us Know how that course goes, will you? Maybe you could blog as you go. It sounds very interesting.

    I'll be interested in a few years to see my children read what I've written. It's mostly for them. I've wondered many times how my own Mother felt as she raised me.

  3. Have you ever read "Kilmeny of the Orchard", Courtney? I love that LMM book... My aunt gave me a hardcover copy of it when I turned ten... it is a treasure!


  4. Last Sunday at church I met a lady who owns a bed and breakfast in Nova Scotia!

    I remember that feeling about reading. In the beginning, I read very little; then Ben went through a spell, where he just had to nap -- on me. So, I read while he napped. That was nice. Now that he's older, though, my days are so busy I can only read early in the morning or right before bed.

    Glad to know you getting back into the swing of things.