Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Romance Courtesy of A&E

A few weeks before Christmas my mom, Baby, and I went to a Books Are Fun bookfair up at the hospital. (If you aren't acquainted with Books Are Fun you are missing so much!) I found some neat things like a collection of vintage cookbooks, and hardcovers for the baby at wonderfully low prices. I also found a set of four games (Scrabble, Clue, Yahtzee, and Sorry!) for our giving tree gift for $20! You can barely buy one game for such a price these days!

The gem of the morning, though, was a collection of A&E book adaptation DVDs for an outrageously reasonable price. Five movies, twenty hours on eight DVDs for $50 or so (Ivanhoe, Tom Jones, Jane Eyre, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice). The collection also came with a booklet on the life and times of the authors, trivia, etc. My mom decided it was too good a deal to pass up and purchased it for my sister and I to share, as I already own several of these films. (I'm going to wear out P&P one of these days!)

My sister was thrilled, being a huge Janeite and book/movie lover that she is. (She actually took a course last spring on reading and watching all the Austen adaptations.) She sent me a text message last night and we are going to have a movie fest today or tomorrow evening! As she said: we are dorks but we own it and we love it! I'm not sure which one(s) we'll watch, but I'm voting for Emma to start since I haven't watched that version in a long time, not to mention it's shorter than the 5-hour marathon that Ivanhoe, Tom Jones, or P&P are.

So excited!

Side note: Some day I'll have to write a post bragging and boasting all about my sister. She is an amazing person!

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