Friday, January 19, 2007

Old homes

Both Jenny and Babygirl_nz have asked about the house we currently live in. Here are a few stats about it:
  • It is a colonial (I'm pretty sure).
  • It was built in 1900.
  • The foundation is original.
  • The stairs, banister, and railing are original (though the stairs were recovered this spring)
  • Most of the interior doors are as well with doorknobs.
  • I think the entry way and dining room floors are probably original to the house, but they might be 75 years old or so.
  • When we ripped up the carpet upstairs we did find the original soft-wood floors. They were painted blue.
  • Most of the woodwork is original too.
  • The floor plan probably has seen some alterations since the living/dining/kitchen areas are much more open than they would have been.
  • The floor plan has changed upstairs too when the bathroom was put in. The third bedroom (Baby's room) shrunk considerably.
  • The window glass is new (other than stained glass), but the window frames are their original size/shape. (Except for back door and big picture window in kitchen.) They are huge! Six feet or so. There is so much good light in this house.
  • Most of the houses around us are this age. Nothing in our immediate neighborhood/street is any newer.

I do have pictures of the interior I can post. Some will have to be resized, so I'll try to get to them soon! It will probably take a few posts.

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