Wednesday, January 10, 2007

This is more like it!

Winter has returned with a vengeance to Central New York. Almost all the schools are closed today. There's that "lake effect machine" in gear! I was tempted to take a snow day (the school schedule is so ingrained in my being), but I resisted! I have a lot to do today, and some of it can't really be postponed.

For my own organization:


  • Exercise/shower/dressed
  • Apple pie
  • Laundry (actually in progress)
  • Supper (leftovers)


  • Pack boxes for Goodwill
  • Put away baby's new clothes and finish packing away old size
  • Sweep/scrub kitchen floor

The things I still have to do could be deferred in favor of enjoying the weather (other than the kitchen floor), except that the realtors may be coming this weekend so we can get our house on the market. DH has the basement to tackle tonight too, and we really need everything in tip top shape! (More on all this later.)

My sister did come over yesterday and we watched Emma. Actually we played with the baby more than we really watched it. It's put me in an Austen/romantic movie mood, and the weather isn't helping! It's a great day for Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Maybe if the baby takes a good nap later I can work on the Goodwill boxes and watch at the same time. Ah, multitasking.

As I was typing this and IMing with my sister (who is enjoying the snow day), she sent me a text message that they've lost power! This demonstrates two things: the weather is bad and my parents live so far out in the country that they routinely lose power. Actually, they live on the edge of a grid, and they lose power (as do the close neighbors), but half a mile down the road it's electricity city.

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