Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Moving On

We've signed the paperwork for the sale of this house, although the official closing is not until Friday.

Almost everything is packed, and in less than 48 hours our first home will only be a memory. I think I'm still in denial; it doesn't seem real, and I can't imagine really living anywhere but here.

There are still some details to be ironed out with the new house (the sellers have been trying to manipulate us and violate the contract), but it looks like everything will work out. At this time last week we thought the entire deal was going to fall apart, but things are coming around. Because of all the nonsense, though, we aren't closing on that house this week and so obviously will not be moving into it this weekend. We were in a real kerfuffle for a day for so. Thankfully, DH's uncle is working in Hawaii until October and is graciously and generously letting us stay at his home for a few weeks. He's doing us a favor, but is also grateful to have people in the house to keep an eye on it. It's wonderful because we don't need to bring anything but ourselves and some clothes, and can store all our things. That's a real blessing because we won't be packing and unpacking then repacking in a few weeks like we would have if we'd had to rent an apartment.

We will have Internet access at Uncle's place, but I'll probably be pretty scarce the next few weeks. It's been an exhausting time for sure.

In other news, the next two teeth are finally poking through bringing the grand total to 6: 4 lower and 2 upper. Teething has been getting worse as we've been going along. By the time molars arrive, I expect to be ready for my commitment papers.

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