Monday, March 5, 2007

Baby Belly Laughs

Perri over at My Life in Bits & Pieces posted recently about her granddaughter Sophie's first laughs. It's funny (pun intended) because I'd been thinking about my baby's giggles lately.

He started giving me (not DH or anyone else) amazing laughs at about four months. I mean he really sounded like those soundtrack laughs you hear from babies on television. It was so funny. I never knew what would set him off, but once he got going we'd both just laugh until I cried and he got the hiccups.

Fast forward to eight months...

The past few weeks he has entered the most adorable stage. Yes, he laughs for other people now. I think that started around seven months. Even better, though, is that he just finds the world amusing in general. He doesn't need silly faces or sounds from us anyone (though that gets him going), he just crawls around and laughs at everything he sees. It is so precious. His favorite source seems to be the cats. He'll crawl after them as they run away from him and just laugh! The baby gate at the top of the stairs does it too, especially when there's a cat or a person on the other side. It's hysterical!

He has all these different laughs now too. From the "trying to hold it in" laugh, to the loud shrieks and giggles, to the "I'm so tired I'm about to go over the edge" laugh, to the "I'm so happy to see you" laugh accompanied by stretching out for mom/dad/Grandma. (I got that last one this weekend when I came home from lunch out with my sister. Side note: first time out to eat since he was born!) There's a tone for every situation, and new ones all the time. This is so much fun. It makes the sleepless nights so worth it.

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