Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Keeping House In Someone Else's House

The past week has been a struggle. We're staying in a family member's apartment while he is away on business. It's been very odd because we feel like houseguests yet our hosts are nowhere to be seen! Cooking in someone else's kitchen? Not for the faint of heart! In fact, I've been barely cooking at all because I simply cannot function in that room! This is still very much a bachelor's apartment despite the recent addition of a fiancee, and there is NOTHING conducive to smooth cooking. You ladies now what I mean: your kitchen is set up "just so" with all you need easily accessed...or at least you know where it is! It's been a struggle to find drinking glasses never mind serving dishes, storage, or baking utensils! After almost a week, tonight was the first night I cooked a full dinner, and it nearly drove me bonkers! I was cooking with our food, but using their "stuff." Oy.

Nothing is babyproof either, and I spend all my energy redirecting, redirecting. Sharp corners, electrical cords, leather couches that look oh-so-tasty when you're nine month old...we were worried about the cats. Nah! There's a window with a view and a place to sleep. They're fine. Today I actually had DH set up the Pack-and-Play so I have a safe place for the baby to play and I can sit down for a minute. He was only in there for five minutes, but it's something!

I don't want to sound ungrateful because this truly a blessing. We are so lucky that we aren't having to live our of boxes (just suitcases!). There is a (more or less) fully stocked kitchen, furniture, towels, even a TV, but I've still been going crazy. Keeping house is someone else's house is...not the same.

Praise be to God, though, our closing is finally scheduled and next week we will be home.

To quote you-know-who, "There's no place like home!"

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