Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Lenten Meals

I've been remiss about updating this...

Last Friday we had spinach and ricotta calzones (from Wegmans, king of the grocery stores) as we were not settled in yet.

Today it was veggie pizza at lunch then salmon burgers on whole wheat rolls, brown rice, and broccoli for supper.

This Friday...for lunch we'll finish the salmon burgers. Dinner? We thought we were going to be moving, so I would have said more pizza (that's another thing about moving...bad eating habits surface!). I think, though, we'll do some kind of pasta. Ravioli with sauce and spinach or maybe butternut squash soup. That may be a little ambitious, though, considering the foreign-kitchen situation.

Anyone have any very simple ideas for a displaced family?

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  1. Chili... it takes about a half hour to make, but you can leave it to simmer on the stove for however long you need it to. I've got a fantastic recipe too. Plus leftover are always good: