Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentine's Day Dinner

We finally had our Valentine's Day dinner tonight. Here's the whole menu:

I had managed to make the dessert (heart shaped brownies with peanut butter chips) on Wednesday, but we ate most of them between now and then! Yesterday my mom gave me a heart shaped silicone mold, so this afternoon I decided to make another Valentine's treat and dinner (which DH was originally going to cook as a treat for me). I made a white cake "dyed" pink with food coloring with chocolate frosting and red sprinkles. We also had baked salmon (pink of course!) with rice, broccoli, and V8 juice (at last minute inspiration as it's red!). It was delish, but DH owes me a dinner! Not really, he's been keeping up with the shoveling and that's a mammoth chore!

On another note, we could possibly close on the house ONE MONTH from today! March 16 was our originally estimated closing date. Yikes!

The appraiser was supposed to come yesterday, then this morning, and now he's supposed to come tomorrow, weather permitting. I hope he can because that's really the only thing holding up the process!

A couple more feet of snow fell last night and today. By the middle of next week, though, near 40 degrees!

How unexciting is my life that I am reduced to describing and discussing the weather in detail on this blog? Or that my mother and talk about half a dozen times per day about the snow and status of our respective driveways.

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