Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lenten Meals

Elizabeth asked about Lenten meals. I'm afraid I don't have many creative ideas so far, but maybe as we go along. I've been keeping things simple because I don't see much sacrifice in replacing one extravagance with another. For example, we won't be having any kind of "fancy" fish dinner or going to a Friday night fish fry. I don't believe in replacing meat with a meat "substitute" (though I do during other times of the year, since we don't eat red meat) that tastes the same. Where's the penitential spirit in practices like that?

We're abstaining from meat on Wednesdays this year in addition to Fridays, though we're eating less meat in general (and trying to be less indulgent overall) during the entire season.
  • On Ash Wednesday our one meal was a broccoli and cheese strata.
  • Last Friday we had broccoli and carrot pizza with whole wheat dough.
  • Tomorrow it's homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese.
  • Friday we're eating at my parents' so I'm not sure. My mother is a vegetarian so I know this will be a more creative meal!
  • Saturday we're having butternut squash soup.

Other staples include tuna casserole, spaghetti or maybe "mock" lasagna. I wanted to try stuffed peppers as well. We like "breakfast for supper" type meals so scrambled eggs with toast and pancakes and fruit will probably also be on the menu during Lent.

More than our main meals, my real struggle during Lent is with sweets. I really crave something a little sweet after meals and this is very hard for me. I'm trying to strictly limit those treats, but I haven't succeeded in eliminating them altogether. So far what we've done is limit our indulgences to one recipe a week. Last week I'd made cupcakes so we ate them without restriction (except for Wednesday), but when they were gone that was it. We went to a birthday party Sunday and came home with a few pieces of cake. Again, feel free to enjoy, but once they were gone, that was it. It's not perfect, but since I love to bake this is something of a sacrifice!


  1. This is a subject that I am not familiar with, but would love to learn more. I enjoyed reading and look forward to anything else you might write about Lent.

  2. there is a site called meatless mondays that has some interstng recipes. i keep my meals simple, because of nursing and additional health issues i don't fast. i do beans and rice (red or black), grilled cheese, vegetable soup, toast with cheese and eggs, cinnamon raisin bread made in the bread machine is a yummy addition to the soup.

  3. Hi Courtney,
    I have been coming up with some preety good lent meals. This Friday I am making a Shrimp Pasta salad. Keep an eye on my blog and I will post a few recipes. I made baked fis last week. Also Baked Ravoli.