Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Preparing for Lent

Today, just as I was sitting down to finish writing about our plans for Lent, I read this article from Like Mother, Like Daughter. It is so well stated! I've read it several times, and I think I will print it for my seasonal file as a yearly reminder!

Instead of setting out to teach your children about Lent, just try living Lent.

I didn't have a wild plan in place for Lent, but every year it is very tempting to add more, to "do Lent." This year I'm giving us permission to live the season.

Reading the Bible. Attending Church. Praying the Stations of the Cross. Offering small sacrifices to each other. Growing in virtue. Growing in love.

Okay, yes, we're still doing a few things. I'm giving up my Amazon habit and donating my homeschool allowance instead. We're not having our Friday night pizza and ice cream. The boys are following a Lenten calendar. The boys are making offering boxes tomorrow to take to Mass each week and we are burying the Alleluia. We have a simple almsgiving project planned.

It was tempting to add more, but the children are very young. There are many years to do more substantial projects and more opportunities for giving to the poor. This year, we're going to live the liturgical year and walk with Jesus during these 40 days.


  1. Ah! You got the Ann Voskamp spiral! It is beautiful!

  2. Someone was selling one last year on the Waldorf group. I got it right after Easter so I've had to wait a full year to use it!