Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New House Tour: Downstairs, Part 1

(Disclaimer: the window treatments came with the house, and I haven't had the energy to tackle that headache yet!)

The view from the front entry... Stairs to the right, living room to the left, kitchen straight ahead.

The living room... Dining room is through the doorway on the back right.

View from the playroom looking into the kitchen and through to the dining room. The white door to the left of the tall cupboards is the powder room. The two doors on the left are the garage and basement.

The playroom is constantly in use (of course), so it's hard to get a shot that doesn't look like a tornado just came through. I'll get there! Our hutch finally arrived yesterday for the dining room, so once I finish unpacking in there, the tour will continue.

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  1. This house is so nice! I love the finishes for the floors and cabinets.