Friday, March 6, 2009

Lenten Learning: The Lord's Prayer

Now that our older son is quite the talker, I decided it was time he start committing prayers to memory. I suspect that he knows quite a bit already as he hears this prayer all the time, but has yet to show us! First up is the Lord's Prayer. I picked up a set of Lord's Prayer prints (along with others such as the Hail Mary and Ten Commandments) about a year ago against the day I'd need them. I laminated them then stuck them in the chair rail for easy access. We've been looking at them quite a bit and talking about each image. Even after he's committed it to memory, I think we'll be enjoying these prints for a long time!


  1. What a beautiful idea! I have never tried this, but I think I may, write scripture passages, or prayers on the mirror in the bathroom in washable marker.

  2. These are lovely! We have the Hail Mary print set. I hope to collect them all.