Monday, March 30, 2009

Katy No Pocket

We rowed Katy No Pocket last week and had a ball! I bought this title a month or two ago and we've been reading it non-stop, so it was about time we spent an entire week devoted to this classic. This was the first Before Five in a Row book we "rowed" officially and it was a great way to start!

A few weeks ago we made animal classification cards from the many animals that appear in the book and last week we worked on sorting them. M. picked up the idea pretty quickly, though, he got tired of the many "fur" animals and wanted to sort by color. We'll have to do that next!

We made an apron just like Katy's. The day I made it he wore it on our walk (and the penguin came too!) and it's been a frequent accessory since!

Some of the many books we borrowed from the library to accompany Katy. Our favorites are Wombat Goes Walkabout and Little New Kangaroo.

Our week finished with the arrival of Katy and Freddy! (Really father and young kangaroo from our Noah's Ark.)

This week we're rowing Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? I'll be posting on our activities Friday or over the weekend!

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