Friday, January 2, 2009

Eighth and Ninth Days of Christmas

Forgive my late posts...

Our fun New Year's Eve turned unpleasant about 15 minutes before midnight, when our two-year old woke up vomiting. My husband had gone back out to see some friends from work, but he rushed home. Good thing-- the poor baby was up nearly the rest of the night sick and very out of sorts New Year's Day, so we didn't do much. (Thankfully, the baby avoided the bug.)

Later in the afternoon, we started to reorganize and clean in the playroom, but the patient conked out around 4 PM. He slept until 7:00 this morning!

M. was feeling better this morning (though still not 100%), so we were able to go to the birthday party of one of our little friends. He had a good time, but was not as energetic as usual and didn't even finish his piece of birthday cake! We came home to a package from Grandma with new slippers for M. and wool socks for me! We spent the rest of the day cleaning up (Dad tried out the carpet steamer!) and both boys hit the sack nice and early.

I hope we're back up to speed tomorrow for some more fun activities before the Christmas season starts drawing to a close!

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