Sunday, January 11, 2009

Current Menu Plan

To go along with my previous post, I wanted to sure our current supper menu plan. These are some of my favorite recipes and a few new ones. I usually plan for two weeks or so with two nights of leftovers each week (we tend to snack/graze all day Saturday and skip an evening meal) and with interruptions and perhaps a spontaneous evening of pizza take-out, I can sometimes stretch it to three. My husband can live with those numbers in the budget!

1/3 Stuffed meatloaf, potato wedges, glazed carrots
1/4 Cream cheese potato soup, pumpkin rolls (didn't cook, sick family)
1/5 Enchiladas (husband took sick day, no cooking again)
1/6 Stir fry with brown rice
1/7 Chili with cornbread
1/8 Leftovers
1/9 Turkey sausage pizza
1/10 Leftovers
1/11 Roast chicken, potatoes au gratin, green beans
1/12 Enchiladas (from last week)
1/13 Spaghetti with garlic and broccoli
1/14 Cream cheese potato soup (from last week)
1/15 Leftovers
1/16 Hawaiian pizza
1/17 Leftovers
1/18 Taco soup
1/19 Chicken and rice bake

I'd be happy to pass on recipes if anyone is interested!

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