Saturday, August 30, 2008

Daily Rhythm and Weekly Household Routines

I've been working on a tweaking our daily activities and household management tasks this week. During my pregnancy, most things fell by the wayside and we only stuck to the essentials. Now that the new baby is a month old, it's time to really refocus and get back in the swing of things!

Daily Rhythm


Wake-up Routine
Prepare Breakfast/Eat/Clean-up
Circle Time
Daily Chore/Laundry
Outside Play/Gardening and/or Nature Walk
Snack & Bible Story/Saint of the Day/Other Religious Instruction
AM Activity (Little Acorn, Seasons of Joy, Catholic Mosaic or Other)


Prepare Lunch/Eat/Clean-up
Read/Play/Quiet time
Playroom Cleanup
PM Activity (Mommy Teach Me, Little Acorn, Seasons of Joy, Catholic Mosaic or Other) and/or Outside Playtime
Tidy Playroom/Misc. Household Tasks


Make Supper/Eat/Clean-up
Evening Prayer
Play/Read/Misc. Household
Bedtime Routine (Bath, Snack, Story, Bed)

Daily Household Routines

Wash Diapers
Make Beds, Straighten Bedrooms
Wipe-down Bathrooms
Sweep/Vacuum Kitchen
Counters and Table, Clean Sink (as needed)
General Pick-up

Weekly Cleaning Routines

Monday: Clean Bathrooms, Wash Towels and Cleaning Cloths

Tuesday: Vacuum Upstairs, Clean/Declutter Bedrooms, Change & Wash Bedding

Wednesday: Baking Day, Laundry Catch-up (if needed)

Thursday: Clean/Declutter Playroom and Music Room, Boys’ Laundry

Friday: Clean Kitchen and Pantry/Laundry Room, Meal Planning and Grocery List, Parents’ Laundry

Saturday: Homeschool Planning, Prep for Sunday (including meals), Seasonal Outdoor Tasks, Laundry Catch-up (if needed)

I'm planning a post to go into more detail about our homeschool "preschool" program.

Also, my household tasks outline doesn't include monthly, seasonal or yearly tasks, but I roughly follow this chart. I recommend it for everybody. It makes things so simple!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I love reading schedules, as you know. I am thinking about trying to work out a weekly schedule as well.

  2. I'm kind of jealous because I soo need to get a good rythym going here but so far i'm just tired all the time and there are so many distractions and interuptions!!