Thursday, August 28, 2008

Before and After: The Playroom

This isn't a true before and after post as I didn't get the full "before" shot. It's more "during" and after. For my birthday last week, my DH decided to surprise me by taking up the carpet in the playroom and replacing it with hard flooring! As long-time blog readers know, I despise carpeting. I wasn't expecting this project to begin for several more years, so I'm thrilled to see our playroom/schoolroom come together the way I've wanted!

In the first shot, the playroom proper. It's mostly finished here except for replacing the baseboards. We decided not to strip the wallpaper and paint (neither of us feel up to that monstrous task), so the last remnant of "formal dining room" from the previous owners remains.

Looking from the playroom into the playroom extension (foyer) and through to the library/music room. Most of DS's toys are piled in there for the time being.

I anticipate that the entire project will be done this weekend, and I'll be back with more pictures our reconstructed and reconfigured room!

Oh, and we finished the fence two months ago...I'll post pictures (or a video!) of that too. Promise.


  1. Oooh, exciting! Great birthday present. And I'm so sorry I missed your birthday!!

  2. I LOVE IT!

    I am jealous of your wooden floors:)