Saturday, August 16, 2008

Candle Decorating

On Thursday we decorated a candle for use during our morning circle/prayer time. I started with this kit from Three Sisters Toys (one of my favorite places for toys!). The kit is a tad pricey perhaps, but worth it for someone attempting to work with decorating beeswax for the first time. I didn't try to duplicate the design that was "recommended," but instead focused on shapes and images that are familiar to my oldest.

I'm not a crafty person and none of the shapes are quite perfect, but we had a lot of fun and I was pleased with the result. We have lots of wax leftover, so I'll be trying again soon. I'd like to attempt a more complicated design.


  1. You are very crafty, those are so cute! Thanks for posting them!

  2. Those are really cute!!! I am teaching 4th grade Catechism this year, and this looks like it would be a fun craft. I will have to check out the link and see if the kit might work!! =)