Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Meme

Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer has posted a Labor Day Meme. If it applies, please participate! Let's all relive the fun...for me, my latest was just over a month ago!

How long were your labors?

1. DS1 was less than 10 hours. Water broke at 7:15 PM and he was born at 4:55 AM.
2. DS2 was 15.25 hours. Water broke at 2:45 PM and he was born at 6:03 AM.

How did you know you were in labor?

My water broke. Out of nowhere with both boys. Just like on TV-- huge gush. Both times I was lying in bed reading.

Contractions started 2.5 hours later the first time (with active labor, transition, and delivery lasting 4.5 hours) and over 10 hours later for DS2 (with active labor and delivery lasting just under five hours).

I had my midwife a little concerned with baby #2. In NYS, if your labor hasn't started 18 hours after your water breaks, you MUST have IV antibiotics for Group B Strep and you MUST deliver within 24 hours or so. (Of course, if you homebirth or just don't contact your care provider what can they do?) Based on my experience this time, I fully intend to NOT get in touch until contractions start, especially if the fluid is clear and there's no sign of distress. This baby was having a grand old time in there, rolling around and kicking merrily away until things got moving after 1 AM.

Where did you deliver?

Typical Labor and Delivery Unit the first time. Okay experience.

Hospital Birthplace second time-- three bed unit (I was the only one there during my stay), LDR all in one room/one bed. Let you leave, come back, eat, where what you want, labor how you like, deliver in any position, early discharge. As close to a homebirth as my husband will let me get. It was phenomenal. Labor was actually pretty fun.


Nope. One word: water. Works wonders, especially for those of us blessed with back labor.

I agree with Emma. Recovery is sooo speedy drug-free. I felt great immediately after birth-- totally like myself again. (Of course now I'm a sleep deprived, milky mess.)


No, praise the Lord.

Who delivered?

Me! A doctor attended our first, and my beloved midwife the second.


  1. i LOVE your last answer, another fun comeback/quote to that ? is "Pizzas are delivered, babies are birthed" :) i'm gonna go do this on my lj.

  2. I was all "Huh, that pizza quote sounds familiar" and then I realized who the commenter was. :) Anyway, love the meme. Wish I could participate. ;) Still waiting for pictures of the new little guy!

  3. That's my answer to "who delivered" as well, I'm just about to put it together.

    LOVE birth stories.