Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Our Daily Routine

We have fallen into a new routine around here over the past month or so, in part because DS is getting up quite early in the morning. It's been working well despite my bleary eyes, and I think we're actually getting more accomplished every day.

I don't go by the clock too much, other than getting supper on the table and plotting bedtime!

  • Awake and breakfast (anytime between 4:15-6:30). EARLY!
  • Make supper and/or bake
  • Read with DS while food cooks/bakes
  • Exercise
  • Shower and dressed
  • Snack time
  • Computer time
  • Depending on moods and the time, we either will have a nap or start work on daily chores/projects/laundry. If he doesn't nap before hand, it's definitely naptime once our housework is done.
  • Lunch
  • Finish household tasks/laundry
  • Playtime/school/outside/art
  • Snack, if necessary, or supper
  • Family time/prayers (if DH is home, but he usually works late or has choir and other church obligations)
  • Evening routine: bath, books, bed. DS is asleep no later than eight o'clock, and I usually follow before long.

This isn’t everything, of course. Lots of little jobs and distractions pop up, but the main highlights are there. Other than our morning routine (waking through snack time), the day is pretty fluid. I frequently stop what I'm doing to read or play with DS. Sometimes we don't do any housework and just have a "down" day (especially if DS doesn't nap).

My mom comes to visit once a week, and those days I'm usually able to have a longer rest or spend a little more time working on a project or cleaning. Once a week, we go to playgroup or out to run errands and those days we don't usually follow our plan other than the first and last parts of the day. Since we live so far off the beaten track in an area prone to very changeable weather conditions and gas is so expensive, we really limit our time away from the house and I try to combine errands and activities. It can make for long days away from home, but it’s worth it in the long run.

One thing I’d like to add for Lent, is attending daily Mass at least once a week (Friday).

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