Friday, February 8, 2008

Lenten Cleaning: DVD Collection

Our DVD collection is housed in a corner of the master bedroom closet. We moved it in there and off a bookshelf almost a year ago, when a certain someone was going through a chewing phase and ruining the covers (it wasn't me!). We shifted some things around and moved the discs into a plastic Rubbermaid "bureau" that DH used for old sweatshirts. The drawers never worked right, though, and this morning when trying to put some DVDs away, I decided it was time for a change. I de-cluttered a small, folding bookshelf a few weeks ago (Freecycled old stationery), and it is the perfect size to tuck into the back corner of the closet!

Please forgive the picture quality. The closet is dark and fairly narrow, so it was hard to get full-length shots of the arrangement. I also had moved the new shelf into place before I thought to take pictures, so you'll have to use your imagination to imagine exactly what it looked like "before."

After (alphabetized of course):

As you can see, I had to do a little finagling to make everything fit. The top shelves are quite narrow and didn't allow for a double row, so I had to go vertical! I don't know how long the shelf will stay neat, but at least it's something to work toward.


  1. Looks great! One of my spring cleaning goals is to figure out decent-looking DVD storage.

  2. That is wonderful Courtney! You inspire me to do the same. :-)

    I am also a homeschooling mom. I am so glad I came to visit your blog!