Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lenten Cleaning: Pantry

Today is Ash Wednesday, and I decided to kick off my Lenten cleaning with a bang! My laundry room/pantry has been spirling into disorganization for some time, and it was time to change that!

Here are the before pictures:

Long and narrow!

Curtains hanging to dry and all sorts of odds 'n' ends on top of the freezer!

My extras "just in case."

Cleaning supplies in a lower cupboard. Green and non-green products all mixed together!

Empty containers and little used items.

The Dramatic Transformation! Ta-da!

What a refreshing change!

Now it's much easier to see what I have on hand. The upper cupboards have a few more food items and baking pans. They were already in pretty decent shape.

Little-used chemical products (I can't seem to throw them away-- so wasteful!) are in the back and my vinegar, buckets, and cleaning rags are right up front.