Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Renovation Begins!

June 10 was the big day! After hearing that my sister wanted to give the baby Wall Words for his birthday, we decided that we should paint his room first. Then, as long as we were painting it, why not rip out the carpet? If we were ripping out the carpet, why not take out the rod from the closet and replace it with a better organizational system?

Going room by room is definitely the way to go! The room should be painted this weekend, but we probably won't replace the floor until later in the summer. There's really no rush, DS doesn't sleep or spend any time in there anyway!

Here are the "Before" pictures:

Goodbye and good riddance, yucky blue carpet!

We're painting the room "Fortune Cookie," a color that's just barely off-white and not at all the color of a fortune cookie. We're considering this for the floor. Over the next few years, we'll do the same in the other three bedrooms and the hallway. So excited we've begun!


  1. It's going to turn out beautiful!! I've seen the WallWords & thought they were such a cool idea.

  2. How exciting!!! I'm anxious to follow your progress!

  3. I'm sure the room will turn out beautiful! I'll follow your progress since I'm also in the middle of renovating my home. I'll post before and after pix at my blog once we get started.

    Take care and god bless!