Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring Again!

Thanks for the comments, ladies! You made me smile and literally laugh out loud. Now, if my post from Monday wasn't enough to convince you of the fickleness (is that a word?) of Northern New York's weather, look at these! I just popped outside to take them:

Could those be flowers??

It's so bright outside I could barely focus the camera. It's about sixty degrees today. What a change! Perhaps this is really spring at last?


  1. Amazing! I just went outside and saw sunlight for the first time in days...

  2. Oh my...I used to live in central New York (Rome/Utica) and I remember that "spring" weather we'd get! Those pictures sure brought back some memories. We'll be moving to Pittsburgh this fall, so I assume the weather there will be much more like New York than like Texas (where I am now).

  3. It is 60 today 7 sunny. It is supposed to get up into the 70's for the next few days!