Thursday, April 5, 2007

It's been an exciting day

First, the snow is coming down like nobody's business. There was an inch of snow on the ground this morning, and it's been snowing and blowing all day. Lake effect snow warning from tonight until Saturday morning. This is not unusual for the "snow belt." In fact, this area had over 12 feet of snow this weekend. BUT, IT'S APRIL! IT'S EASTER WEEKEND!! Oh, the injustice! So instead of new, spring Easter dresses, we'll be wearing parkas to church.

The really exciting news, howevah, is that when I was vacuuming this afternoon, I peeled pack a corner of the carpet on the stairs. There is definitely intact hardwood under there. Not stained, but painted or stained dark brown (looks to be the same color as the moldings) and in good shape. I managed to get a look under a corner in the master bedroom and it looks the same. This is EXCELLENT! The wood floor upstairs in the old house was painted a cornflower blue, but spotty and not in great shape and we covered it with hardwood-looking laminate (which was beautiful). This looks workable. We could pull up all the carpet and live with the paint until we can refinish. We wouldn't have to put down new floors and all that entails. I hope the floor is in good shape in the middle of the rooms and downstairs.

I am thrilled because even doing the work ourselves putting down new hardwood was going to be expensive, and we would have had to wait a year or two to start and work room by room over time. Refinishing is a pain and lot of work, but comparatively not budget-breaking.

I'll get some before and afters! Have a blessed Easter everyone.

Alleluia! He is Risen!

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  1. Horray for Hardwood!

    Boo for Snow!

    I promise that I will e-mail you soon... Holy Week has been utter madness (i.e. teething has begun during the busiest time of our year!)!

    If I don't talk to you soon, have a wonder for Easter!

    Christ is Risen!