Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Second Grade 2013-2014

I sent my Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) off to the school district today! It isn't detailed, but provides a rough overview of the year to come. (Yes, all these subjects are required by the state.)


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English Language
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United States History
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Health Education
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Clavier will participate in weekly piano lessons and regularly perform in concerts throughout the year.

Visual Arts
Clavier’s visual art instruction this year will come from projects related to topics studied in geography, history, and science. He will also participate in a twice monthly cooperative group for art instruction.

Physical Education
 Clavier will participate in weekly swim lessons, as well as other activities such as bike rides, hikes, sledding, and baseball with family and friends.

I plan to share more details about how our day will break down soon. One important piece of our day that isn't listed here is our Daily Notebook.  Last year I created a daily calendar notebook, but this year I've expanded that for Clavier. Capricio has one as well.  Kindergarten plans here!


  1. So exciting! I see we have much overlap in curriculum providers. Wonderful to read what you are doing!