Monday, August 5, 2013

Meet the Family (Again)

Since I am recommitting to blogging this school year, it seems appropriate to reintroduce the clan.  We have changed a lot in the past year and a half!

First my husband, the best person I know! He works hard to support us all, and does so cheerfully. His passion is music and he is the music director and organist for a nearby church.

Our first born, "Clavier," is now seven! We've chosen that nickname for him because he is such a well-tempered boy. He takes after his dad in so many things, including his love and talent for music.

Our second son, "Capricio." He is a newly minted five year old with a love for music, art, and (in his words) building things. He is always creating a masterpiece!

Accelerando is our joyful two and a half year old son.  His nickname at church is "Smiley," and that describes his personality so well!

The baby is "Vivace." At the time of this writing, he is just over five months old. His real name means "happy," and he is well-suited to it!  A calm baby, adored by all his older brothers.

Not much as changed about me, perhaps a little older, and little more tired. I am still happily at home with my crew, maintaining order (most days), sneaking in a few pages of my book when I can, baking up a storm, and loving our homeschool journey!

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