Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kindergarten 2013-2014

Here are most of Capricio's kindergarten plans for the year! I want to stress that K5 is completely optional in our house.  Capricio is chomping at the bit to improve his reading and work on writing, but he is free to come and go as he wishes.


We started this toward the end of last school year at his request, and he's doing very well.  Clavier used OPGTR very successfully, but I wasn't sure it would suit Capricio. Clavier started reading at five and a half and we didn't do lessons daily until he was six. In contrast Capricio just turned five a week ago!

I'm adding some Explode the Code here and there too as he enjoys workbooks (unlike Clavier at that age!).


Capricio is in the middle of the kindergarten book, and I expect him to move on to the next soon.  Once he does I'll add in some other copywork.

Math for Capricio has caused some debate.  I love RightStart Math, but Capricio has followed along with Clavier as he completed levels A & B. He is a very math inclined child, and is just about at the same level as his older brother.  We are going to buzz through RightStart anyway though, since he is so young.  If he balks, I'll bump him up as appropriate.


One of my favorite resources!

History and Science


  • Great books from our home collection and library. I'll share these as we go along!
Daily Learning Notebook
  • Details coming! I'm still finalizing plans.
Second grade plans here

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  1. I am loving reading all your plans! What are your plans for religion? Living picture books?