Sunday, January 15, 2012

Boys' Bedrooms

Earlier in the week, a friend of mine and I were talking about our children's bedrooms. She just moved into a new house and is enjoying painting, setting up, and planning furniture for her kids' rooms. As we were talking and I shared our current solutions, it occurred to me that I never posted about the boys' rooms. I had planned a post since over the summer, Big Brother and Little Brother got a bunk bed and they love it!

(Duplo creation out of reach of a grabby baby!)

They only have one window in their room and although it faces east, it's not the brightest room. The walls are actually a very pretty pale green, although I probably wouldn't have chosen it myself. One day, we'll paint!

Baby Brother sleeps across the hall. We recently moved the play kitchen upstairs to give him and Little Brother more options during school.

Both rooms are a nice size, and I love the hardwood floors in our house! It's hard to believe in four days we'll celebrate one year in our "new" home

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