Wednesday, January 11, 2012

All About Baby Brother

Because I missed Baby Brother's birthday here on my blog (he is 14 months this week!), and because he has absolutely no semblance of a baby book and I don't want to forget this stuff, here's some of what he's up to lately!

*He spends approximately 25% of his time on the dining room table. He tries to sample the boys' food (exactly what he gets, by the way), runs laps up and down the length (not my favorite thing), or just sits. Since he's such an adept climber, and will shout the house down if he wants me, "Ma! Ma! Maaaa!" I usually leave him to do his thing. (Except for the laps, those we redirect...)

*He runs sprints from the powder room door to the sliders in the playroom. Up and down, up and down, making a point to slam his hands into the door on either side of this route. This week he also added a loop from kitchen through dining room, living room, and up the hallway back to the kitchen to his daily regimen.

*He dances by bobbing his head while turning in circles. I have it on video, and it's the most adorable thing we've even seen. The older boys didn't dance so early, and we all love to watch him.

*A close second is the way he carefully blows on his food before sampling. Now you know we're not giving a one-year old piping hot soup but evidently he's not so sure. Better safe than sorry!

*A few weeks ago he worked out how to use a spray bottle. It takes two hands: one to hold the neck of the bottle and one to press down on the lever, but it works. He has pretty good aim.

*He makes very accurate motoring noises, roars, waves, nods yes and no, and has between 4-6 recognizable words. While it's our VERY unbiased opinion (hah!) Baby Brother is extraordinary in terms of motor ability, I sometimes marvel more at his language. It's not "early" or "more" than you'd expect from this age, after two boys you were on the later side for expressive language, I love this!

*For this brief shining moment in time, he'll (usually) follow directions. "Baby Brother, go give this to Big Brother." "Can you throw this away?" How do we bottle this?

*He has the most lovable "squinchy" face. He hams it up for the camera, and makes this face when he wants to be extra cute. He knows exactly what he's doing!

*He can go downstairs lightning fast. He started crawling upstairs at about the same age as the boys (a little earlier maybe), but they didn't go downstairs on their own until they could walk holding the railing safely. I was never able to teach them to slide down feet first on their bellies or scoot down seated. Baby Brother didn't need any coaching. One day well before his birthday, he just opened the gate at the top of the stairs and was downstairs before we noticed he was gone.

*He loves to eat whole, unpeeled apples, but tends to abandon them mid-course. We find half-eaten apples everywhere.

*For all his abilities, there are still moments of minor disaster. He's pulled his heavy, wood highchair over on himself trying to climb into it. Twice. In one day. He's rolled down part of the stairway. He's walked into the corner of the open refrigerator door. Yesterday he bumped his head slipping out of a chair in the school room.

*He loves to play outside. He cries and cries if the boys are outside and he can't go or just isn't ready yet. He's easy-going otherwise and can be distracted, but not with this. He'll sob and refuse all comfort until he gets out there too.

*Rody Ponies are the best! He'll need his own soon.

*Over the summer, he learned to climb the ladder on the swing set. He always slides on his tummy, head first. He does the same thing at the playground.

*He loves to rip the dust jackets of books. We have to remove them now. This is a new one for me, as the older boys weren't rippers (though they both enjoyed chewing board books).

*He loves the water: pool or bath. If you ask him if he wants a bath or tell him it's bath time he's up the stairs and trying to get undressed (he can almost do it!) before you've had time to stand up. Yes, he can climb in and out of the tub on his own, but watching him still makes me cringe. I'm so afraid he's going to slip sometime! Swim lessons can't start soon enough for this boy!

*A love of water also means he's dipped his hands in the toilet once or twice. Also a new one for me! All bathroom doors stay CLOSED now.

*He's been trying very hard for a few months to put on his own socks and shoes. He places his sock on top of his foot then tries to stand up. So adorable!

Every day is an adventure with our littlest guy! Best of all, though, is watching the relationship grow with his brothers. He is a merry addition to their games and adventures.

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