Sunday, June 19, 2011

Trinity Sunday

In preparation for Trinity Sunday, we spent some time talking and reading about the Trinity yesterday.

It's a difficult idea to explain and understand (three Persons, one God), but Big Brother assured me that he did understand! When I shared this story with his godmother, she said that it's her belief that kids do understand these mysteries better than adults due to their innocence and pureness of heart.

Whatever the reason-- innocence or immaturity-- it warmed my heart that such a big idea was so readily accepted and embraced!

We made these simple mobiles as the final part of the discussion:

When we played outside, we found many clovers in the yard. The boys seemed to find a great deal of pleasure from such a simple plant representing a BIG person-- God!

This morning we made rolls in the shape of clovers as well.

I wanted to note that the mobile pattern came from the Who Am I? series at Catholic Heritage Curricula. We are picking and choosing from several resources for religion this year (with an emphasis on living the liturgical year), and what I like about this program is that the same content is adapted for a span of ages.

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