Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sharing Nature Camp

This summer I signed M. up for a once-a-week preschool nature camp at a local nature center. There are five sessions, and after two weeks I can say that we love it! It's about an hour and a half long and each class includes a nature walk, activity, and craft.

Our first class was on frogs, and today was ponds. After a short hike, the children tried pond dipping!

They found a lot of neat things: tiny mollusks, nymphs, lots of coontail, some fish, water striders, and maybe a small frog or two.

We hiked back toward a pavilion, and the kids were able to make their own "ponds." M. is doing very well at arts and crafts lately. He created his design all on his own, though I think the favorite part of each child was sliding the "button" to cut his or her own piece of plastic wrap for "water"!

The nature center has a visitor center with mounted animals typically found in the area surrounding it including a beaver, coyote, and muskrat. There are also tanks with various turtles, crayfish, and snakes. Our favorite, though, is the beehive. I think M. could watch it for hours.

Next week our topic is turtles. We can't wait!

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