Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Nina

Last week, my parents, sister, and I (and the kids!) went to visit reproductions of Columbus ships The Nina and the Pinta. The Nina is the most accurate reproduction of a Columbus ship, and boy could we feel it! We all had a great time with our brush with history.

Boarding the Pinta:

View of The Nina from the Pinta:

The Nina:


Checking out the view from the poop deck of the Pinta:

To read more about the ships visit here.


  1. I wonder if those are the same replicas I saw in the 90s in S. Fl I don't recall details, unfortunatly, but I have photos somewhere. I should dig em up. Or ask dad, he might remember details ;)

  2. I bet they are. They sail up from the Virgin Islands. One was used in a movie, but the title escapes me.

  3. between the ships and the plant towers, those photos really look like they belong in a David Wiesner book!

  4. Wow! What cool ships! I remember going on the replica of the Mayflower when I was 6. I love how people have re-dcreated these things for us to experience.