Monday, June 8, 2009

Firefly Lantern

I bought this firefly lantern for the boys for our outdoor adventures this summer. When it arrived last week, we tried to out to observe a tent caterpillar. We're planning to stay up late soon (well, late for us- the boys go to bed by seven) to try to catch (then release) some firelfies. I don't think M. has ever seen one!


  1. Have you caught any fireflys? Do you like the lantern? I ordered one for my nephews birthday (he lives up in Ct) and I'm hoping they like it. I remember catching firefly's in jars as a kid :)

  2. We have not! We haven't had M. stay up late enough yet! This might actually be a good night to do it since we'll have company and be off our routine anyway. I'll update once we do!