Saturday, December 27, 2008

First Day of Christmas

Merry Christmas!

As you can see, the Blessed Mother and St, Joseph completed their journey around the Advent Spiral...

This year, we are celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas with something special each day: a trip, a small gift, cooking or baking special treats, visits with friends and family... My plan is to blog each day for you! As you can see, I'm already a little behind, but I'll catch up!

The first day of Christmas was a wonderful time spent with family! Our tradition has become to have a large brunch rather than "dinner." Here you can see my brother-in-law, my sister, and my husband manning the potatoes, waffles, and meat. I was in charge of omelets as well as running interference with the boys and grandparents. We also feasted on an Edible Arrangement my sister brought for my parents, apple crisp, and more cookies than we could count!

We shared some wonderful gifts:

A refrigerator for the play kitchen...

A special doll for cuddling and teething...

As the song says, "The weather outside was frightful, but inside it was so delightful!"

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