Tuesday, September 5, 2006

New Kitchen Floor

My kitchen has a new floor! Starting Thursday night with the removal of the old floor through Sunday afternoon, my ratty old floor vanished to be replaced by a sparkling new, correctly installed floor. My husband and father-in-law did all the work and it looks gorgeous! Once again they prove there is nothing they can't do!

Goodbye old floor!

Cutting the pattern in the church auditorium

Isn't it just loverly?

All that's left to do is refinish and reinstall the thresholds! Oh, and of course the appliances are back in place!


  1. Wow! What a difference! I love the cozy feeling the new flooring gives the room...

  2. Wow!! great job! We need ours redone soon. But my husband MAtt really wants hardwood flooring down. That is too much work. lol

  3. Your new kitchen floor is beauteous, Courtney!


  4. Your new floor looks gorgeous! And good for you, pulling up the old floor instead of just installing the new over the old! When we ever put a new floor in our kitchen we will have our work cut out for us; I think I've counted five layers of linoleum and laminate tile!!!